• MedicalFor over 30 years, Precision has worked globally
    with medical device firms, including start-up companies.
    Through continuing research and the use of simulation software,
    Precision has become an industry leader in fine wire winding.
  • SoftwareThe software lets us replace much
    of the hand calculation and some
    of the physical prototyping of a
    coil design with sophisticated
    computer analysis based on both
    theoretical input and a lot of real-world experience.
  • ProductsAccess our broad line of magnetic components.
    Everything from 58-gauge micro
    windings to 1,000 kVA solar line reactors
  • TechnologyTHE COOL FACTOR: Managing Heat in Your GaN Applications
    • PFC High Frequency Inductors
    • Current Sense Transformers
    • Soft-Switching (LLC) Magnetics
    • Inverter Magnetics
    • Inductive Charging, Transmit, Receive Coils ...and more
  • Industries ServedAerospace, medical, controls, alternative energy —
    we know your industry and focus on helping you
    deliver industry-leading products faster
  • Precision ColoradoThe equipment in Colorado can wind both
    copper and aluminum, and can handle
    wire as small as 40 AWG and
    up to three million circular mils of foil.
Medical1 Software2 Products3 Technology4 Industries Served5 Precision Colorado6

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Speed To Market, Supply Chain Simplification and Price.

There’s no magic bullet. Precision understands the challenges.

Our engineers stay focused on system performance requirements. Engineering technologies are available to simulate
electromagnetic performance before undertaking expensive prototyping and unnecessary production.One result
is increased speed to market. Click here for more information to discuss with your Precision contact.

Designed applications include miniature coils with ultra fine wire winding to 58 AWG in angular and
3-axis configurations. Although these are difficult configurations, Precision has developed
unique solutions for its customers for over 8 years. For additional information,
click here for our Product Training Module.