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Vision Statement

Our Vision is to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers and employees through our commitment to excellence.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide our customers innovative solutions and quality products delivered on time.

Value Statement

We are committed to maintaining an atmosphere that empowers our employees, recognizes their accomplishments, and encourages them to adapt to an ever changing business environment, while managing sustainable growth, delivering consistent returns to our customer and enhancing customer value.

Vision Statement

Precision walks with its customers. We respond in all situations with an open mind, creative solutions, and action plans which realistically serve our customers' needs regardless of size, complexity, or timing. We continue to evaluate the solutions in light of changes in our customers' needs and industry standards.

Our people approach each situation with a spirit of success. We realize that our responsiveness and solutions lead to our customers' successes. In turn, our success is dependent upon our customers' successes.

Precision broadly interprets state-of-the-art to have meaning in every aspect of its business. It defines our applications engineering, manufacturing methods, quality assurance standards and business systems, as well as our follow-through on commitments.

Precision designs, manufactures and facilitates the winding of magnetic-wound components for domestic and international customers. Our manufacture and purchase of components meets competitive criteria for quality, service and delivery.

Values Statements

- Sense of Purpose -
People have a sense of purpose for our customers, the Company and themselves. We want each person to feel good about what they are doing.

- Leadership -
We expect everyone to be a leader by example, and act with integrity at all times.

- Open Mindedness -
We value the ability of people to think through problems and solutions. Any idea has merit, and each person treats the ideas of others as their own. We are not afraid of criticism.

- Innovation -
We encourage people to approach each situation with the spirit of success in mind.

- Open And Ongoing Communications -
We value teamwork and shared efforts focused on open, honest, fair and continuous communication.

- Rewarding Environment -
It is important that the Company is more than just a place to work. We look forward to coming to work each day. There are opportunities and rewards for those that share our vision and values.

- Attitude -
We encourage people to take risks on well thought-out ideas, and failures on these ideas are part of the learning experience.

- Commitment and Follow-through -
We expect people to honor their commitments to fellow workers, our customers and all other business partners. Follow-through is a sign of commitment.

- Excellence -
Everyone makes efforts to improve themselves, our products and the working environment. People are not satisfied with the status quo.

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