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  • Telecommunication Noise Suppression
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Precision Inc. designs Telecommunications solutions for global manufacturing. Precision Inc. design methods will guide the customer through every step of the process, supplying the correct magnetic component for the application. Communication equipment relies on noise suppression, high reliability and dependability which Precision Inc. provides with Isolation Transformers, Filter Chokes, Power Chokes and Common Mode Chokes.

Precision designs, builds, and supplies reliable magnetics for continuous-duty performance in critical communications signaling, data, and power applications. Our devices are used in RF transmit/receive applications, base power supplies, modems, and switch gear.

Typical Application:

  • Fiber Optic Communications Products
  • Broadband Communications Products
  • Wireless Products
  • Networking Support and Switchgear
  • Modems
  • Base Power Supplies

 Contact Precision Inc. for custom magnetic components.


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