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  • Designed for domestic or international use where safety spacing standards are minimal. Standard resistive load as well as high inrush and inductive load designs. Touch-safe screw compression terminals. Up to 180°C rating.
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Single Phase Transformer

(Single Phase Transformer)
  • Design to Meet UL/CSA/IEC Spacing and Safety Standard
  • UL Recognized 130, 155 and 180 Degrees C Insulation Systems
  • Standard Winding Configurations as well as Coil Ducting
  • Sizes to 50 KVA
  • Multiple Primary and Secondary Tapping is Available
  • Touch Safe Screw Terminals and Quick Disconnect

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Mechanical Characteristics:

Transformer L bracket Mechnical Drawing

Table represents typical dimensions for horizontal L bracket mounting and square stack of laminations.

Lamination size A (H) B (W) C Approx.

D Approx.

E   Approx. Weight. for square stack
EI0.62 1.563 1.875


EI0.87 2.187 2.625 2.00 1.875 2.187 0.5
EI100 2.5 3 2.25 2.00 2.50 2.5
EI150 3.75 4.5 3.50 2.50 3.75 10
EI300 7.5 9 7.00 AngleTBD AngleTBD 70
EI500 12.5 15 10.75 AngleTBD AngleTBD 400

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