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  • Reactors High Current AC Line Applications
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Reactors High Current AC Line Applications


Notes from the engineer - Brett Jelkin

Some of the challenges I am faced with when designing Line Reactors, include meeting our customers’ system requirements, sizing, performance and economic variables. Reactor losses (must be minimized within the design process) include resistance, eddy current, thermal losses and the losses related to harmonics. All these losses affect size, weight and cost.

Line reactors are used as buffers and provide protection from transients, while reducing the effects of harmonics. They can be used to help correct low inductance loads. When DC is present it will slow the increase or decrease in current with changes in voltage.

While developing the line reactor designs, I used one of our Precision design tools — software that helps to optimize all performance parameters.

Throughout the design process we combine our full knowledge of market requirements and our magnetics expertise with multiple customer’s requirements and applications. For any unique applications, we work directly with the customer engineer to make sure all critical design requirements are met, including compliance, dimensions, chassis mounting needs, cooling requirements, life expectancy … and more. At the end of the day, we have jointly designed the components that precisely meet the customer’s overall needs – That’s the Precision Factor.

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Reactors High Current AC Line Applications

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