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Precision makes products at component level, we work with customers at every manufacturing level—contract manufacturers, OEMs, and end-product manufacturers; even technical engineering consulting firms, corporate R&D labs, and university researchers. We’re currently involved in:

Electromagnetic Tracking 3-Axis Coils
High Frequency Power
Medical Coils
Current Transformer
50 / 60 / 400 HZ Power
RF Transformer & Data Signals
Custom Transformer & Inductor Design
Precision Literature

Since Precision is an engineering-driven company, we know the importance of good product data when you’re in the middle of a hot design project. That’s why we’ve filled this part of our web site with extensive Precision Product Information—to help you determine which Precision standard or custom components are right for your application.

Click here or the image below to open the interactive product summary:

Precision Catalog Standard Parts


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