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  • Switch Mode Power Supply
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PFC Inductors

 PFC Inductor & Graphs

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

  • Became a Standard in Europe (EN61000-3-2) – now spreading throughout North America
  • Increases Efficiency…emphasis on energy conservation
  • It makes a load appear resistive and delivers the harmonic distortion, emphasizing energy conservation

Today’s Challenge

  • Balancing power requirements
  • Switching frequency/efficiencies
  • Bottom line = Must understand the PFC Inductor operating characteristics and the effect on the PFC circuit.

The Precision Solution

  • The PL Product, developed by Precision, Inc, is a user driven software, for Design Engineers that is designed to identify and select PFC inductors over a range of output power.
  • Given designers’ circuit operating parameters, the software calculates the PL Product required for the application and correlates it to PL Product curves. These interactive PL Product curves and the resulting computations, quickly help Design Engineers select a PFC inductor to meet their specific requirement. Coverage is 200 to 1,000 watts output power.

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Power Factor Currection (PFC)

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