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Application Articles

Integrated Switcher Application

Precision magnetics selected for International Rectifier integrated switcher application

Precision, Inc., Minneapolis, will supply flyback transformers for the reference design package of the new International Rectifier (IR™) IRIS-series integrated switchers. The new integrated switchers act as controllers for AC-DC switched mode power supply applications, and reduce size and component count by 25%. The Precision flyback transformer was engineered by Precision to meet the specific requirements of the IRIS-series integrated switcher application.

"If IR's integrated switcher is the brains of the power supply, the Precision flyback transformer is the heart," said DaveIntegrated Switcher Application Anderson, Precision president. "It's a critical component that stores energy when the primary switch is on, then transfers the energy to the outputs when the switch is off. More like an inductor with secondary windings attached. We're very pleased that International Rectifier has demonstrated its trust in our transformer design by including it in their integrated switcher design package."

Anderson said that Precision designed the flyback transformer to complement IR's integrated switcher design goals. "The IR device is intended for switched mode power supplies that fit in smaller products like DVD players, monitors, printers, and set-top boxes. So we engineered a low-profile transformer specifically for the IR integrated switcher. Together, they'll make much more efficient power supplies possible."

While International Rectifier includes extensive application notes on transformer design as part of the integrated switcher design package, Anderson said that he expects power supply manufacturers will source their transformers from Precision. "Design engineers should understand the excellent information in the app note, but it's much more practical to buy the transformer. Precision can customize the design of the transformer that's in the design package to fit a specific application, then produce it with our usual high quality and fast turnaround."

A fully-assembled, working, and tested reference design package for the flyback power supply using the IRIS4011K integrated switcher is available from International Rectifier. The reference design includes schematics, data sheets, application notes, a fully populated PC board, PCB layouts, and a bill of materials. It's available from IR sales representatives or distributors for $200 each, part number IRIS MPS2. Visit for more information.

International Rectifier (NYSE: IRF) is recognized as a leading supplier of power semiconductors and systems solutions. IR's patented HEXFET™ power MOSFETs, IGBTs and high-voltage ICs make electricity work smarter in industrial automation and controls, automotive electrical systems, consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, telecommunications, lighting and satellite/launch vehicle applications.

Precision, Inc. manufactures custom-engineered and standard magnetic components ranging from surface-mounted inductors to transformers for industrial controls, instrumentation, and medical applications. Based in Minneapolis, Precision has U.S. facilities in Fort Collins, Colorado, and Seattle, Washington; and international operations in Mexico and China. For more information about Precision, visit

Note: IR™ and HEXFET™ are registered trademarks of International Rectifier Corporation. All other product names noted herein may be trademarks of their respective holders.

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Precision, Inc.
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Senior Technical Editor International Rectifier
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