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Cummins Power Generation

Precision acquires magnetics division from Cummins Power Generation

Precision, Inc., Minneapolis, has acquired the assets of the magnetics division of Cummins Power Generation (CPG), including inventory, equipment, and product-related intellectual property. Precision will continue to provide magnetic components, such as transformers, to Cummins Power Generation and former CPG magnetics customers. Precision will also provide custom power supplies to former CPG customers.

Precision acquires magnetics division from Cummins Power Generation

Precision has been a long-time supplier to generator manufacturer Onan Corporation, now called Cummins Power Generation (CPG), according to Precision president Dave Anderson. "We've done projects with them since the early 1960s. Both Onan and Precision are based in the Twin Cities, and our engineering and production capabilities complement each other. So when the opportunity arose to acquire CPG's magnetics unit, it was a natural fit for us."

"By selling our non-core assets to Precision, Inc. and entering into a supply agreement with them, we gain a strategic benefit," said Steve Wardleworth, Executive Director--Global Supply for Cummins Power Generation.

"Precision's economies of scale and product expertise allow them to produce the magnetic components we need in a very cost effective manner. That helps us drive cost out of our products while maintaining the same high level of quality. It's a win-win situation."

Precision, Inc. manufactures custom-engineered and standard magnetic components ranging from surface-mounted inductors to transformers for industrial controls, instrumentation, and medical applications. Based in Minneapolis, Precision has U.S. facilities in Fort Collins, Colorado, and Seattle, Washington; and international operations in Mexico and China. For more information, contact us.

Precision will continue production of CPG's Blue Chip° (left) and Ladybug° wide band transformers, used primarily for military and aerospace voice and data communications. Both transformers offer frequency response up to 100 kHz; with power handling of 50 mW to 5W by the Blue Chip and 50 mW to 2W by the Ladybug. The Blue Chip transformer is available in 71 standard designs and six PCB-mount packages. Ladybug comes in 45 standard designs and four PCB-mount packages. Precision can customize either product to meet specific application requirements.

Contact information for editors:

Lyle Shaw
Precision, Inc.
phone: 763-561-6880

Fred Pielert
Pielert & Associates, Inc.
4418 West Lake Harriet Parkway
Ste. # 207
Minneapolis, MN 55410

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