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Grant ensures Precision, Inc. employee skills are state-of-the-art

$50,000 grant partners Precision with Dakota County Technical College

Minneapolis, MN USAWinding, taping and testing toroids at one station

Precision, Inc., a MN corporation and a global leader in the design and manufacture of magnetic components, has been a success story during these tough economic times. Precision’s revenues have doubled over the past 24 months and the Company is in the process of expanding its facilities. However, Precision began to face a problem with this growth, and has found it difficult to find individuals skilled in International Printed Circuit (IPC) soldering and other related unique skill sets.

Precision, Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has been selected to receive grant funding of $50,000 from the State of Minnesota to offer training and certification to all manufacturing and manufacturing support employees in the International Printed Circuit (IPC) solder program.

“Our components are found in external and implantable defibrillators,kidney dialysisequipment,cockpit controls, and missile guidance systems,” says Precision’s President David Anderson.“To be competitive and continue our growth, we need our employees to have the highest quality skills. The Minnesota Partnership grant recognizes the cost of training
employees to those levels.”

Precision is receiving the grant through the State of Minnesota “Pathways Partnership” program. Precision’s partner, Dakota County Technical College (DCTC), was selected based on its dynamic background in the manufacturing industry, as well as its unique solder training programs.

Precision’s Minnesota employees will benefit from the grant by receiving training and certification in the internationally recognized IPC soldering program. Depending upon roles within the organization, Precision’s employees will receive further training in the areas of Train-the-Trainer, Supervisory skills, and machine set-up. In addition to certification, employees may also be able eligible for college credits at DCTC.Partial - Precision's Clean Room Operation

Precision’s growth has come from the medical device, aerospace and defense, renewable energy and industrial controls markets. Precision offers a broad range of magnetic components from 58 gauge windings to 1000 KVA three-phase transformers, including innovative IC reference designs. As a service to Design Engineers, Precision provides online design tools to assist Engineers quickly determine the right values for magnetic components.

Precision’s customers include a wide variety of companies in the Medical, Military and Aerospace fields.

About Precision, Inc.

ISO Certificate Precision is a global leader in providing magnetic components,innovative wound coilsand other value-added assemblies to the medical, avionics, alternative energy and other general industrial control markets. The company has gained a reputation for developing innovative processes that meet itscustomers’ atypical requirements in critical applications for individual market segments.

Precision has recently released “Precision Factor,” a statement of the skills, processes and disciplines it uses to enhance a customer’s products. The “Precision Factor” includes knowledge of a customer’s industry and product application, an existing broad product base, an ability to work with proven technologies, a development focus on simplicity and lean design, unique design tools, interactive assistance to customers, ISO Certifications, added-value solutions, worldwide logistics, and disciplined, detailed product follow-up with the customer.

To learn more about Precision, Inc. and its certifications, Click Here

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