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Press Releases

Magnetics Specialist Precision, Inc., Signs Distribution Agreement With Future Electronics

Precision, Inc., a specialist in innovative custom-designed magnetics, has signed an agreement with Future Electronics for worldwide distribution of all custom and standardized Precision products. Future Electronics is the third-largest electronics distribution company in the world. The agreement initially focuses on Precision’s power factor correction (PFC) inductors. Precision’s design engineering team will work with Future Electronics’ applications engineering team to apply the advantages of PFC devices — particularly in energy conservation — to specific customer applications and provide optimum standard or custom components for their needs.

PFC Selection Simplified

Traditionally, specifying the optimum PFC inductor for an application has been a complex problem for electronics design engineers. Precision will offer Future Electronics’ customers a substantially simplified way to accurately select standard PFC inductors plus the ability to optimally customize the devices for specific applications. PFC devices have gained popularity in North America during the last few years as engineers focus on energy conservation and work to lower the power requirements of their designs.

First of Three New Product Lines

Precision has built its reputation during the past 45 years as an innovator and manufacturer of custom-designed magnetics. Now, in response to calls from design engineers in the general electronics marketplace, Precision has used its vast experience and database to develop standard product lines. While these products are used in many applications, there has been a recent focus on the growing “green” or alternative energy applications. Precision, Inc., is already a key supplier of Transformers, Reactors, Filters, and Chokes for many alternative energy OEM’s in wind, solar, and other applications.

Precision, Inc’s PFC line offers inductors with an industry standard footprint that allow circuit designers the flexibility to make their circuit appear as a resistive load.

Precision, Inc’s Current Transformer line, includes both the CTHT and CTPT families. The CTHT family is a series of High-Frequency current transformers, while the CTPT family is a series of 50/60Hz or line-frequency current transformers. Both series use industry-standard tombstone construction with an industry-standard footprint.

Precision, Inc’s Power Toroid line of transformers offers industry standard input and output voltages. The range of the Power Toroid line is 40VA to 1,000VA and is listed to UL 506 - commercial power toroidal transformers. For medical applications, Precision, Inc., Power Toroids can be listed to UL 60601.

HPFCTo assist the design engineer, Precision, Inc., has created online tools for all of the above product lines. These tools will help the design engineer determine the exact performance of the Precision, Inc., component in their specific applications.

Magnetics For Diverse Markets

Precision, Inc., has designed and manufactured magnetic components to fit many different market applications, including the expanding alternative energy (or green) market applications, the medical market — including implantable applications — military and aerospace applications, and many more. In addition to the new standard product families, Precision continues to provide custom-engineered products to exactly match customer requirements.

For example, Precision has developed technologies to wind wire sizes up to 56 AWG for telemetry and other precise applications. The company offers clean room manufacturing of magnetic components for medical device applications. And Precision continues its engineer-to-engineer philosophy that helps customers easily specify their needs, including the proper topologies, noise levels, inrush currents, and other specifications.

A World of Experience

Precision has been designing and manufacturing magnetic components since 1964. Based in Minneapolis, MN, Precision, Inc., can produce custom as well as standard products at facilities in their US locations, Asia, and Central America.

From its Montreal headquarters, Future Electronics maintains electronics distribution operations in 41 countries. It has earned an impressive reputation for the strength of its commercial and technical competencies through all stages of the design-production cycle.

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