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Welly Chou To Present PFC Inductor Selection

PL Product Graphs

Welly Chou To Present PFC Inductor Selection Made Easy by “PL Product” at IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference & Exposition In February, 2010

Palm Springs, California – February 21-25, 2010

Welly Chou, senior design engineer at Precision, has been invited to present a paper on the PL Product at the 25th Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference & Exposition, to be held in Palm Springs, California from February 21-25, 2010. We will keep you updated, and inform you regarding on-line discussions and training sessions. This interactive model will eventually be placed on our website.

Chou has developed an interactive model called PL Product to be used by Design Engineers to evaluate and speed the selection of PFC inductors in the circuitry. Traditionally, PFC inductors are developed based on a set of circuit parameters, i.e., minimum line voltage, switching frequency, ripple current, DC output voltage, and etc. While such an application specific approach optimizes the inductor design, it makes it difficult to understand the relationship and the trade-offs among the circuit parameters and the inductor. PL product simplifies this by separating the output power (P) and the Inductance (L) needed for a desired ripple current from the PFC circuit parameters, leaving designers with a simple computation to derive the minimum PL required without delving into the intricacies of the inductor.

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