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  • The Precison Factor
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Magnetic Components Designed and Manufactured Using The Precision Factor


When design engineers look at magnetic components for an application, they’re often caught between two opposing, yet equally important considerations:

As engineers concerned with performance, you strive for the optimum design; the one that delivers eye-opening performance with the highest efficiency in the smallest form factor. In short, the perfect magnetic component design for a particular project.

Buyers offer the challenge to consider the use of a standard magnetic component to control costs and speed delivery. The design engineer is again challenged to assess whether performance and total cost savings of the magnetic components is real or perceived. How do you then ask your suppliers to deliver cost savings and maintain performance?

Is this situation familiar to you? It is familiar to Precision, Inc. customers. They regularly bring problems like this to our engineering team. Precision’s engineers are experts at helping you achieve the optimal solution by making value-added design adjustments to magnetic components.

That’s “The Precision Factor” — the ability to completely understand your requirements, and work with you to create the magnetic components that precisely fit your total needs. No other magnetics company can offer the Precision Factor.

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