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  • LTV Series Switchmode Inductors
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LTV Series Switchmode Inductors


Notes from the engineer - Bruce Runyan

Designing Inductors requires balancing inductance and current limits, along with both AC and DC losses, to provide the correct solution.

The same approach is used in designing CT’s, where the customer mandates a number of requirements that can affect the end device. Saturation limits, phase shift, accuracy over the desired current sensing range…all play a factor, generating significant differences in the CT design and the end result.

In order to achieve the customers' requirements, a Precision engineer has to understand the interweaving relationships of the application and each individual requirement — such as size, price and performance — along with the best prioritized tradeoffs. We combine our full knowledge of market requirements and our magnetics expertise through our multiple customer applications. We work directly with the customer engineer to jointly design the components that precisely fit the overall need, we call that the Precision Factor which helps us to merge requirements to precisely fit the optimum design and overall need.

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LTV Series Switchmode Inductors

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