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LTH-2717X Series | Bow Tie Vertical Through Hole Inductor

  • 40% real estate savings vs. Two / Three Pad Bow Tie
  • Low Core Loss And Low Conduction Loss
  • Closed Magnetic Field Construction
  • Vertical Mounting For High Density Board Assembly
  • RoHS Compliant And Halogen Free

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NOTE (1): Drive level: 300 KHZ, 0.1Vrms.
NOTE (2): T=40°C approximately under the temperature rise current.
NOTE (3): Inductance drops approximately 30% at saturation current.
NOTE (4): The rated current is either the saturation current or the
temperature rise current, whichever is lower.
NOTE (5): Operating temperature range: -40°C - + 150°C.
NOTE (6): Weight: 37g



LTH 2717X Series Mechanical Drawing




LTH 2717X Series Mechanical Drawing

3D Model


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