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  • LSM PQ 3-Pad Style, High Current, Unshielded, Surface Mount, High Current
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LSM-2828X Series | Bow Tie Three Pad High Current Inductor

  • Low Core Loss And High Efficiency Performance
  • Bow tie shape enables higher current handling
  • Closed Magnetic Field Construction For High Density Board Assembly
  • Low DC resistance (DCR)
  • Enhances mounting stability
  • Ideal for high-vibration environments

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  1. Test frequency: 500 KHZ ,0.1 Vrms.
  2. Current at which temperature rise will be approximately 40° C.
  3. Saturation current is the value of DC current that causes the inductance to fall to approximately 30% of the initial value.
  4. Operating temperature range: -40ºC to 150ºC


Physical Dimension


LSM-2828X 3-Pad Mechanical Drawing

Mechanical Notes:

  1. Weight LSM-28283 and LSM-28284 = 31 grams
  2. Weight LSM-28284-0500 and LSM-28285 34 grams




LSM-2828X Series Graph


3D Model


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