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LLC Transformers

(LLC Topologies)

The heart of your high frequency power solution

The LLC transformer is a key component in determining the efficiency of an LLC resonant converter. A resonant power conversion topology minimizes switching losses by promoting zero voltage switching (ZVS), minimizing unnecessary power dissipation in switches. Power dissipation can be lowered to as little as 5%, ensuring 99% transformer efficiency and 95% overall efficiency. Combines enhanced performance with cost and real estate savings.

  • Reduces costs by as much as 75% and real estate up to 50%
  • 99% transformer efficiency and 95% overall efficiency
  • Reduces transformer losses and costs by as much as 30%
  • Power ranges on standard packages from 100 to 800W. High powered custom LLC transformer designs available upon request.
  • Perfect for LED and LCD televisions, LED lightning, and all AC/DC power converters with a PFC front end
  • High power custom designs are also available

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Product Releases

Precision, Inc. has announced the global launch of its new LLC transformer which provides up to 99% efficiency and extremely low power loss.
Our new LLC Transformer is a combination of two components, a resonant inductor and a transformer, into a single device, which helps cut costs by as much as 75% and real estate by 50%. Perfect for use in high powered devices like LCD televisions, the LLC transformer can meet all of your converter needs with high efficiency and low costs.

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