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Large Inductors / Reactors


  • UL Recognized 130°, 155° and 180° C Insulation Systems
  • 1 to 1,000 Joules (HA2 / 2)
  • 10 to 2,500 Amps
  • Up to  5,000 Volts PEAK Working Voltage
  • Designed for Natural Convection, Forced Air or Liquid Cooling
  • Copper or Aluminum Conductor Design Options Available




Typical Applications:

  • Solar Powered Inverters  
  • Renewable Energy Inverters - Solar, Wind, Geothermal
  • Variable Frequency Motor Drives
  • Motor Starter/Buffer Systems
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Systems
  • Electric Vehicle/Transportation Trolley Powered Systems
  • Oil and Gas Control Systems
  • Elevators / Conveyors
  • Robotics Equipment
  • Pumping Equipment
  • UPS Equipment
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Machine Tool Drives
  • Cranes
 Click Here to view literature on reactors

Design Considerations:

Inductor Sizing

Most of our larger inductor applications involve forced air cooling.  The size and weight are determined by the effective air flow, air ambient, altitude, temperature rise, and losses due to low and high frequency currents and voltage levels. Below are curves showing the ranges we have seen in our custom designs for our customers utilizing ducted coils.

The upper line, in the charts below, represent natural convection cooling and the lower line is forced air across and through the inductor.

Volume vs. LI2/2

 Weight Vs. LI2/2

For non-ducted coil designs, volume and weight will increase.  For units relying on natural convection, volume and weight increase further.  Liquid cooled units offer the smallest volume and weight.  Precision engineers work with you to optimize a unit to meet your product size, weight, cost and performance goals.

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