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Industrial Controls

  • Industrial Power Inductors
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Industrial controls typically require rugged transformers to handle hostile industrial environments. For these demanding environments, Precision engineers have close interaction with our customers, providing feedback on the designs, and assist in developing device performance. Precision Inc. will provide every aspect of the solution.

Precision components such as Industrial TransformersIsolation Transformers, Power Inductors and High Current Inductors are used in process monitoring and control, industrial power supplies, PWM controls, and motor controls. We’re constantly involved in the development of new devices for improved, cost-efficient functionality.

Precision Inc. has been very successful in high temperature, hermetically sealed, forced air and water cooled designs.

Typical applications include:

• Automation, motion and motor controllers
• Sensors and measurement instruments
• Fuel Cells/battery chargers/generators
• Environmental monitoring and controls
• Variable speed and combustion controls
• Compressor/motor controls and monitoring

In these demanding 24/7 applications, Precision Inc. succeeds with almost 50 years of magnetic design and manufacturing history combined with the ability to quickly design and build components using the latest, most advanced materials in the industry. Contact Precision Inc. to learn more.


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