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High Frequency Power Solutions

High Frequency Power Solutions

We Know Performance

High frequency power devices provide many benefits, but as switching frequency rises so does the potential for switching loss. Effective design minimizes that loss while maintaining the benefits of high frequency switching. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; each device must be carefully designed to fit the application. Several factors contribute to high frequency device efficiency.

High Frequency Power Parts High Frequency Capabilities & Performances


Precision offers design support for any of your applications. We can help you achieve the highest value and complete your project successfully.

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Precision’s inductive components will match your inductor search from common-mode, differential-mode, power factor and output inductors.

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High Frequency Blog High Frequency Power LLC Transformer


LLC design can be a challenge; however, the right LLC transformer goes hand-in-hand with process capability.

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Explore the advantages and benefits of Precison product and capability.

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High Frequency Power | The Ultimate Guide To Efficiency Design


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