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  • Current Transformers for Electronics
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The Electronic Instrumentation industry requires components with high accuracy, superior noise immunity and wide bandwidth. Precision Inc. has the broad magnetics experience and knowledge to understand these application requirements. We develop both highly customized and tailored standard devices for component test equipment, current/voltage monitoring, and data communications. Working with suppliers on new and developing products allows Precision Inc. to meet the circuits demands, where a standard catalog component will fail. Precision Inc. develops new winding techniques and manufacturing methods to reduce noise and to meet accuracy requirements.

Typical components supplied to the Electronic Instrumentation market place includes; Instrumentation Transformers, Current Transformers, Split Core Current Transformers, Common Mode Chokes and PFC Inductors.

Precision, Inc. developed a specific line of PFC Inductors complemented by PL Product, a software program developed by Precision, which assists in the selection of the PFC Inductor for the application.

Typical applications include:

• Process management/analyzers.
• Testing and measurement equipment.
• Meteorology measurement.

For more information on magnetic components for the Electronic Instrumentation industry contact Precision Inc.


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