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DC/DC Converters

DC to DC Converters are the tools of DC distributed power by transforming DC voltage level to another DC voltage level utilizing non-isolated and isolated circuits.  For lower input voltages such as 12 volts non-isolated buck converters can be used while for higher input voltages like 48 volts transformer isolated converters are more viable.

Non-isolated topologies

The Buck convertor steps down the voltage from the input source and utilizes inductors that Precision Inc. provides.  Note the inductor in the schematic below. The boost converter steps up the voltage from the input source and also utilizes inductors that Precision Inc. provides.

 Buck Convertor

Buck Convertor Schematic

  The Buck-Boost and the Cuk converter can either step down or step up the voltage from the source depending on the switching duty cycle.  The Precision Inc. manufactured inductors are used in the Buck-Boost topology, which are used in a different configuration than either the Buck or the Boost circuits.

 Buck-Boost Diagram

Buck-Boost Schematic

 The Cuk requires 2 inductors in the circuit to meet the customer’s needs per the Cuk schematic below.

Cuk Diagram

Cuk Converter Schematic

 Isolated Topologies

The transformer isolated converters are used with higher input voltages such as 48 volts and large voltage step down ratios in order to maintain acceptable efficiency and also to provide galvanic isolation for the systems.

General rule for converter topology selection related to wattage:

  • < 10W Flyback
  • 10W – 50W Flyback-forward
  • 50W – 100W forward
  • 100W – 200W Forward, Push-pull or Half-bridge
  • >200W Half or Full-bridge

Precision Inc. provides high quality transformers and inductors for the Forward Converter and Flyback Converter topologies in standard configuration for use with our partnered IC manufacturer design (as seen in the IC Reference tab).  Standard physical configurations that will proved a cost effective solution to meet your needs or custom transformer designs to meet the customer’s unique requirements.

Forward Converter

Forward Schematic


Flyback Converter

Flyback Schematic 

For more information on standard and customer transformers and inductors please contact Precision, Inc.


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