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RF Transformers and Data Signals

Depending on a customer’s application, Precision Inc. can supply a variety of standard and custom RF inductors, RF Transformers and Filter Choke. Customer’s applications typically dictate the specific parameters, such as frequency range, current, and voltage required making a wide variety of magnetic designs to choose from. Throughout its history, Precision Inc. has worked with a wide variety of materials and accessories, and Precision Inc's unique relationship with its vendors allows the use of cutting edge new materials to be used in new designs.

Filter Chokes, RF Transformers, & RF Inductors

  • Precision Inc. has a wide variety of RF inductors,
    RF Transformers and Filter Chokes available including:

    • Surface Mount and Through-hole RF Inductors
    • Air Core Inductors - Utilizing proprietary wire coil winding techniques
    • Harmonic Filter Choke
    • Toroidal Inductors, etc.

  • xDSL, T1, ISDN, POTS,
    LAN, HPN
  • Data, coupling, pulse, broadband, balun
  • Contact Precision for application-specific designs

Voice Band (Audio) Transformers
  • Impedance and line matching
  • Transistor and tube high-fidelity, high power applications
  • Contact Precision for application specific designs
Voice Band (Audio) Transformers

Antennas, Coils, and Telemetry
  • Medical
  • Transmit and Receive Identification applications
  • Custom shaped/sized to your application needs
Antennas, Coils, and Telemetry

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