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Customer Oriented Magnetics ProductsSatisfied customers are our primary goal at Precision, Inc. Building relationships through excellent customer service and communications is crucial to Precision’s performance in our competitive marketplace. That’s why everything we do is dictated by customer service. It’s our top priority.

Our customer oriented operations begin the instant you contact Precision.  As a Precision customer, you’ll be assigned a full customer team, which includes your customer service representative, an engineer and an account manager.

Our customer teams work to understand every facet of your applications, products, and operations. We discuss how our magnetics will perform inside your products. We look ahead to future product generations. We even consider your manufacturing processes, QA requirements, and delivery schedules.

And if you’re thinking about going to an international component supplier to save money, consider this: Precision offers the cost-savings and volume production in our offshore facilities plus our customer-oriented services and the worry-free convenience of working with a domestic supplier. We’re responsible for everything from engineering, to quality assurance, to on-time delivery.

Meeting customer needs and expectations is part of Precision’s corporate mission. We simply don’t operate any other way. Contact Precision, Inc. today!

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