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Custom Design

Custom transformers and inductors are designed for specific customer applications. Whether you need a transformer design, switchmode device, antenna coil, encapsulated transformer, NEMA transformer, hermetically sealed transformer or other custom wire wound product. Precision Inc.’s engineers design a product using the latest design techniques, including Ansys Maxwell 3D software which simulates performance and avoids expensive iterative prototyping. We consider this approach as “Value Added” to our customers and not just a slogan.

Contact Precision, Inc. with your unique requirements.


Coils Ferroresonant


Metal Enclosures Hermetically Sealed Custom Termination

Metal Enclosures & Hermetically Sealed

Custom Termination
Encapsulation NEMA Enclosures


Nema Enclosures
Custom Mounting & Air Ducts

Custom Mounting & Air Ducts

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