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Current Transformer

Our standard current transformers are available in three families, listed below. If our standard products don’t fit your requirements, contact us to review the wide range of custom sizes and shapes available.

Current Transformer Line Frequency 50 / 60 HZ

  • Features:

    • Designed for Use at 50/60Hz
    • Can be Provided with Internal Burden Resistor to Provide Millivolt Output
    • High Current Transformer - Monitoring up to 3,500 Amps
    • Can be Provided with Installed Primary for Easy PCB Installation
    • Low Cost "Tombstone" Encapsulated Transformer

Current Sense Transformer Line Frequency 50 / 60 HZ
CTPT - Tombstone CTO - Leadwire Series
CTPT, Current Transformer, Toroidal Core, Line Frequency (50/60 Hz) CTO, Leadwire Series, Current Transformer (50/60 Hz)

High Frequency Current Monitoring

  • Features:

    • Low Profile Through-Hole Mount
    • Extended Frequency Range
    • Provided with Integral High Current Primary Pads
    • 12° C Rating (ambient plus rise)
    • Pick and Place Compatible

CTHT, Current Transformer, Toroidal Core, Tombstone Mount
CTHT-17100 Series Current Transformer


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