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  • CTPT, Current Transformer, Toroidal Core, Line Frequency (50/60 Hz)
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CTPT, Current Transformer, Toroidal Core, Line Frequency (50/60 Hz)

(CTPT Series)

Current Transformer for use in measuring current in Line Frequency (50/60 Hz) applications.

  • Low Cost Encapsulated Transformer
  • Designed for Use at 50/60Hz
  • Can be Provided with Internal Burden Resistor to Provide Millivolt Output
  • Can be Provided with Installed Primary for Easy PCB Installation
  • Other Configurations Available Upon Request

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  1. Output when terminated into specified terminating resistance with single turn primary.
  2. Terminating resistor value to deliver specified accuracy over listed current range.




 Test Circuit:

CTPT Mechanical Drawing

- Test Circuit Leads "2" and "A" are in phase per orientation shown above.
- Exact Case configuration may differ slightly from Illustration.

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