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Consumer Electronics

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With nearly 50 years in the magnetics component industry, Precision Inc. has the design, manufacturing and delivery capabilities needed to supply reliable magnetic tailored to your specific requirements.  We provides competitive cost through local and global manufacturing and on time delivery to a wide variety of companies that provide innovative products to the consumer market.

Noise cancelling headphones

Precision Inc. has been  selected to manufacture the key micro-component for a revolutionary hearing assistance technology announced recently by Able Planet Inc. of Fort Collins, Colorado. Able Planet's micro-technology creates a direct wireless link between a hearing aid's T-coil and an electronic device such as a phone or headset. Research studies have shown that Able Planet's micro-technology improves the overall frequency response levels of telephones resulting in improved sound clarity.



Air Chamber Technology Beds

Air Chamber Technology Bed
One of the newest and fastest growing categories of mattresses contains air-chamber technology. Gaining popularity over the past 10 to 15 years, air mattresses offer superior comfort and personalized body support.



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