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Common Mode Chokes

Our standard Common Mode Chokes are available in four surface mount families styles and six through hole style families. Click on the product family that interests you to review a detailed spec sheet, or browse them all. If our standard products do not fit your requirements, contact us to review the wide range of custom sizes and shapes available:

Surface Mounting
Through Hole Mounting

About Common Mode Chokes

Common mode chokes (or filter chokes) are one of the most effective methods for EMI filtration of power and signal lines. Precision Inc. offers many standard common mode choke products that meet the demand of typical circuit applications. We also standard products will not meet all requirements of a particular application, so we offer a wide variety of custom options for common mode chokes, providing the very best solution for the circuit applications.

The common mode choke filters the common mode EMI currents without causing signal degradation and without derating under high currents. Precision Inc has designed their standard common mode chokes to work over a wide frequency range and to provide the highest common mode impedance. Stable common mode chokes allow most signals to pass unaffected, yet filter the noise (EMI) from these circuits.

Common Mode Choke Applications

Common mode chokes are applied to pairs of conductors the supply path and the return path. Our standard common mode chokes are effective in filtering supply and return conductors with in-phase signals of equal amplitude. In many applications common mode chokes are coupled with Power Factor Correction (PFC) components.

Precision Inc common mode chokes are designed to meet applications requiring a high DC current bias and are compatible with switch-mode power supply designs. We also offer differential mode inductors for filtering out-of-phase or uneven amplitude signals.

Many IC reference designs use Precision Common Mode Inductors as well as Switchmode Transformers, Current Transformers, Power Factor Correction Inductors and Power Inductors.

Precision Inc's Common Mode Choke Products

For your direct surface mounting needs for common mode chokes, check out Precision Inc’s extensive list of standard surface mount devices. Perfect for DC to DC converters, notebook computers, digital cameras and much more, our five different surface mount styles offer you flexibility and varying ranges of inductance, current, and dimensions

When applying common mode choke devices using through hole techniques, Precision Inc. offers a wide variety of options to meet your needs. From common mode constructions that meet highest self-resonant frequencies to constructions for low profile and minimum board space coverage, we are able to customize your request.


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