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  • Common Mode & PFC Inductor
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Common Mode Choke & PFC Inductor


Notes from the engineer - Welly Chou

In designing PFC inductors, I have been challenged to provide some flexibility in performance, contrasting price and size. In many device designs, this is the required discipline. Placed on the circuit…preceded by a Precision Common Mode Choke toroid version assures 3mm creepage and clearance for UL, CSA, IEC safety standards with a single layer toroidal winding for the highest SRF. In addition to PFC inductors, common mode chokes can also be optimized to address specific EMI concerns relating to the application. The choke is one of the most effective methods for EMI filtration of power and signal lines. The Precision PFC is designed using the industry standard input voltage range (85VAC – 265VAC at 50/60Hz.) It operates with controllers from several IC manufacturers and uses toroidal geometry to allow decrease DC resistance. Industry standard vertical through-hole mounting configurations were also designed-in.

In order to achieve customers’ requirements, I had to understand the interweaving relationships of performance, price, size – and all the tradeoffs that have to occur. This requires an in-depth understanding of the specific application as well as our customer’s unique requirements. Managing the two is part of designing the components that precisely meet the customer’s overall need. For any customer’s unique applications, we work directly with the customer engineer to make sure all critical design requirements are met, including (for example) compliance, dimensions, chassis mounting needs, life expectancy and cooling requirements…we call this the Precision Factor — it’s our key to success.

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Common Mode Choke & PFC Inductor

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