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  • CMEH Common Mode Choke. E Core, Vertical PC Mount
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CMEV-36270 Series Common Mode Choke


PC Mounted Common Mode Choke, Vertical Mount, E Core, perfect for use in Switchmode Power Supplies

  • Section Wound for Low Capacitance and High Self Resonant Frequency
  • One Piece Core for Highest Inductance
  • Round Center Bobbin for Low DCR
  • Vertical Version for Smaller Footprint
  • 130 Degree C Rating (ambient plus rise)

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  1. Inductance measured at 1Khz, 0.1Vrms, without DC current.
  2. Each winding measured separately.


CMEV-25190 Mechnical Drawing

U of M A
in 1.46 1.04 1.77 0.047 TYP
mm 37 26.5 45 1.2 TYP

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