Precision Coils: A Critical Component for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Applications

Augmented Reality

At Precision Inc., our name says it all. We are an industry leader in producing precise, consistent magnetics.

Augmented reality and Virtual reality are fast-growing technologies. A report from International Data Corp estimates that worldwide revenues will reach $162 billion in 2020. And the technologies will impact industries ranging from gaming to training and education, healthcare and medicine, media, travel and recreation, logistics, manufacturing, service industries and more.

The software that controls the experience and the display that presents it are both critical to the experience, but there is a third component that is less obvious but just as important for effective interaction: position-sensing coils.

As you interact with the system, the software needs to know where you are looking and what your hands are doing. The most common way to connect the user with the system is through a magnetic “bubble” produced by a coil in the base and smaller coils in the headset and hand-held controllers. This near-field induction technology is particularly well suited for augmented reality applications because it doesn’t need a line-of-sight connection between the body-worn coils and the base. The orientation of the coils in the magnetic field tells the system where you are looking and what you are doing, and the precision of those coils determines how accurately the system can track and respond to your movements.

We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to design, prototype, test, and produce custom coils quickly and in volume. We use state-of-the-art simulation software to streamline design, and our supply chain can quickly deliver cores in custom configurations. Our manufacturing processes closely monitor and control temperature, winding tension, and fixturing. And our fine-wire winding experience along with specialized equipment and tooling ensure accurate, uniform coil delivery to reduce the need for calibration, maximize effective yield, and speed products to market.

Precision. We do amazing things.

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