Simulation in Action

“Our customers are great innovators and excellent engineers,” says Precision’s President, Dave Anderson. But they rely on us for expertise around the magnetics we supply. “While we have a variety of off-the-shelf products, a lot of what we do is custom designs for emerging applications.”

One of the areas in which new designs are demanding specialized magnetics is medicine. Products are getting smaller and more sophisticated. External devices are being implanted and requiring better efficiency, near perfect reliability under demanding conditions, and compliance with strict regulation. Medical companies’ engineers are sophisticated designers, but they often count on Precision to help “up their game” in competitive, highly regulated markets.

Full Turn Simulation

Recently, a medical products company submitted a design concept for components in a sensing application. Due to the application, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to test the design in actual use, but preliminary analysis suggested that the customer’s original design would not generate the desired field strength for the particular sensing application. The component was very small but played a critical role in the overall design. We approached the problem using Maxwell 3D software, which is ideal for complicated magnetic situations, which this was. Several iterations of the simulation led to an entirely different design altogether, one that met the customer’s requirements for size, capability, and cost. An eventual build based on the new design confirmed that it generated the necessary field strength for the application, eliminating any need for physical trial and error and saving both Precision and the customer time and money. Equally important, this kind of simulation, whether done with Maxell 3D or Precision’s CBX software, instills a higher sense of confidence in the electrical performance of a component. Where reputations, profits and, in some cases, lives are on the line, that’s important.

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