Speed to Market


Time in business

There was a time when products sold primarily on the basis of price and performance. You could be second or third to market but offer a better product and make up for your late start over the life of the product. Today all that has changed. Everything moves faster, whole new product categories seem to emerge overnight, and product life is shorter than it’s ever been. A new type of product can command a premium price, which then drops as competition emerges, leading to shrinking margins and the need to develop an even newer product.

Conceptualizing a product can take time, but the time needed to turn that concept into a viable, market-ready product can make the difference between a profitable, high-margin winner and an also-ran. And we know that a product is only as fast-to-market as its slowest-arriving component, so at Precision, we’re committed to delivering transformers and other magnetic components to help customers move from design to market-ready product as quickly as possible.

It starts with understanding precisely what is needed and eliminating unnecessary iterations or trial-and-error product definition. At Precision, we use sophisticated software design tools—both off-the-shelf and of our own design—to model real-world performance and turn a design into a working prototype as quickly as possible. In many cases we can provide samples in a matter of days, including high-power custom designs. Just as important, sophisticated analysis can help predict whether and initial design will work.

With a range of manufacturing facilities, both domestic and overseas, we can deliver customized production quantities in as few as six to eight weeks from start to finish. The result is that, with other vendors doing their part, our customers can get to market quickly with innovative products and earn the high profit margins they deserved.

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