Expanding Operations to Better Serve Our Customers

In our last blog entry we mentioned a substantial piece of business was earned through smart, hard work that began with our ability to kick the daylights out of a competitor’s lead time. We are looking for door openers like that and have organized manufacturing operations to help ensure that we deliver top quality products and maintain the kind of lead time that keep customers coming back. Rich Rebella and his team members have added equipment that lets us do just that and have in turn mastered the new technologies.

We doubled the size of our cleamedical cleanroomn room. A primary reason was earning the business of a very large medical company with a diverse product line and very demanding requirements. This customer’s products require the use of ultra-fine and fine wire winding machines equipped with microscopes. Just as important, we added a second new customer producing commercial and residential products that need to be free of contaminates during production. The production for both of these customers is suitable for our current Class 100,000 clean room; however, if necessary, we can upgrade the clean room to meet Class 10,000 or even Class 1,000 standards.

To meet the growing demand for fine and ultra-fine wire winding we expanded our Bachi fine wire winding production area and added a micro winder for 58 to 60 AWG. This expansion included upgrades from MCS (Machine Control Specialists) to create a semi automatic 3-axis Bachi machine that runs unattended. This frees up staff for other tasks to help move jobs more quickly through the system. The MCS/Bachi equipment is ideal for higher-volume, low complexity winding jobs.

jovil 300But with all this attention to fine and ultra-fine we haven’t ignored medium and larger work. We’ve installed a new Broomfield 100 winding machine for small to medium work, and a Jovil 300 for heavier winding on larger toroids. The Jovil machine lets us do work in-house that was previously outsourced to China or done manually; the Jovil machine lets us deliver more consistent quality faster.

A lot of our equipment decisions have made things easier for the operators and helped flatten learning curves. Operators are able to get up to speed faster and work on more kinds of equipment, which gives us more flexibility in scheduling and staging jobs for production. Again, this helps us cut lead times. Of course building the assemblies is only part of the job. We’ve added racking and infrastructure to support customer fulfillment of offshore products and expanded our support of customer consignment, the ability to stock product for customers and ship it on demand.

What all this means is that we can confidently handle larger, more exacting jobs without unnecessary delay. Bring us the orders and watch us deliver.

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