Hello world! Our first Blog.

Precision's IdeaFor over 50 years, we have been designing and manufacturing magnetic wound components for the electronics industry.   We engineer the components that provide systems with essential safety, filtering, impedance matching, communication, power distribution and required management functions. This includes coils, transformers, inductors and custom assemblies. Although you may not have heard of Precision, Inc., you would certainly recognize some of our customers.  It’s a long list, but Cummins and Trane are just a few.

We are unique in that we have all the resources to compete with the largest companies in the world but pride ourselves on being flexible.  So why write a blog about all of this?

Most of our business comes from problem solving and unique designs.  Each month, we will discuss critical component trending—many times as a case study.  We will attempt to bring you into the engineering and design process as we work on specific applications for our customers.

Our goal is to make this as interesting for engineers as it will be to potential customers and anyone interested in learning how we do what we do.

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