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Renewable Energy

  • Solar & Wind Renewable Energy
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Precision Inc. is a major supplier of key components to Inverter Manufacturers who are providing products to the Alternative Energy Market including Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Geothermal Power. These products consist of Buck/Boost Inductors, DC to AC Conversion, Drive Inductors, Line Reactors, EMI Filters, Isolation transformers and Gate Drive Transformers.  Precision Inc. Manufactures and delivers these reliable products Globally.

Precision Inc. provides Magnetic solutions for unique inverter applications. Customers come to Precision because of our breadth of products and engineering expertise. Precision teams are regularly involved in the development of transformer and inductor solutions for improved cost efficiencies and customer product performance.


Solar Powered Inverters

Small and large scale solar power is a very active field for renewable energy conversion and management products, with systems ranging up to several megawatts. Precision Inc. is a leader in solar reactor technology and applications in this field involving conversion of a wide range of DC Voltages to a clean 50 or 60 Hz waveform, through high frequency technology (with transformer, or transformer-less designs).

With our customers, we look at the total requirements which have to be met including safety agency*, environmental, size, weight, cost, life expectancy, and performance.  Efficiency standards** for systems are pushing past 98%.  LCOF (Life Cycle Cost Of Energy) and BOS (Balance Of System cost) affect the design as well.  We have the magnetics expertise and experience to work with you to weigh all your requirements and goals.

    UL 1741, CSA 107.1, IEEE 1547, IEEE 519, IEEE 929, FCC Class A

**   CEC (California Energy Commission) Weighted Average Efficiency, and Euro Weighted Average Efficiency

Precision Inc. is also a major supplier of Switch Mode Transformers, PFC Inductors, and Common Mode Chokes.

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