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  • 50 / 60 Hz Toroidal Power Transformer Standard
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50 / 60 Hz Power Toroid

  • 130/155/180 Degrees C Insulation Systems
  • Designed to Meet UL/CSA/IEC Safety Agency Requirements
  • Terminations and Mounting Means to Meet Your Requirements
  • Very Low Radiated Magnetic Field
  • High Efficiency Per Unit Volume

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All models can be customized for different output voltages and currents

60 Hertz VA is approximately 120% of the 50 Hertz VA value

A*     Dimension does not include the E Dimensions

D**   Dimension is the height of the potted center

E***  Dimension is the expected bulge for the lead wire exits

****  Multiple holes is recommended for mounting hardware


Standard Power Toroid Mechnical Drawing



50 / 60 Hz Power Toroid Schematic


Standard Power Toroids

In order to optimize your model selection within our standard sizes, check each of the factors below.  Calculations for each figure are based on TAMB = 55° C, and expected temperature rise, unless otherwise noted:


The figure below shows typical curves for efficiency vs. output VA rating and loading:

 Power Toroid Efficiency

DC Output Applications

A transformer VA rating must always exceed the WDC rating due to the equivalent circuit series resistance, rectifier voltage drop and high peak currents during the charging of output capacitor.  Typical values are shown below for our standard sizes:

Full Wave Bridge

 WDC vs Rated VA FWB

Full Wave Center-Tap Output

WDC vs Rated VA FWCT

Regulation (AC applications)

As size increase, the inherent regulation decreases.  Absolute values depend on the actual VA vs. rated VA, TAMB, and TRISE for any given size.

Power Toroid Regulation

            % Regulation = (VNL – VFL) / VFL

            Where NL = No Load and FL = Full Load

            For actual VA used, New % Reg = % Reg (VAUSED / Model VA) approximately

Duty Cycle

If intermittent loading occurs on an output winding, the equivalent sizing VA calculations are affected.

            VAEquivalent = SQRT ((VA1 t1 + VA2 t2 + …..) / T)

Where one output may have one or more loads for on times of t1, t2, etc., with a total duty cycle of time T, expressed in seconds or minutes.  As T gets large, the calculated equivalent VA will have to increase due to the thermal time constant for each size (from less than 1 hour up to several hours).

Temperature Considerations

Efficiency, DC and AC regulation, and temperature rise are all dependant on the TAMB and loading.  The figures below will help estimate TRISE for different values:

Temperature Rise Vs Load

Temperature Rise Vs Ambient Factor

Where the New TRISE = (Model TRISE) x (Load Factor) x (Ambient Factor)


In-Rush Current

Our standard models have very low loss, high permeability core material.  Because there is virtually no build-in gap, in-rush current is higher that laminated core structures.  The residual flux density can be quite high if the transformer was last shut off at peak flux density.  If the transformer is turned on with the same voltage polarity, the peak flux generated adds to the residual, resulting in a saturated core, which drives the permeability down temporarily.  Inductance of the primary winding is proportional to the permeability, and thus can create a high peak current, which decays over several cycles to the normal operating current.  Slow blow fuses or circuit breakers with delay may be needed to withstand the peak currents.  For very large toroids, other techniques may be needed in addition to the above protection.  Custom cores can be manufactured at additional cost to further limit in-rush current.


Electrostatic shielding between winding can be added with slight reduction in Model VA rating shown.

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