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  • 50 / 60 Hz Toroidal Power Transformer Standard
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50 / 60 Hz Medical Grade Power Toroid

The Precision Factor

  • 130/155/180 Degrees C Insulation Systems
  • Designed to Meet UL/CSA/IEC Safety Agency Requirements
  • Terminations and Mounting Means to Meet Your Requirements
  • Very Low Radiated Magnetic Field
  • High Efficiency Per Unit Volume

The following table illustrates the approximates sizes and weight of medical grade power toroid transformers.  Please contact Precision, Inc. to assist in the designing of a transformer to fit your application.

 * For standard product: Please select the quantity for each item you wish to order or receive a quote and click the 'Add To Quote' button below.
* For custom product: Please click 'Custom' button below. You will be directed to a page where you can add custom product information and attach prints.


All models can be customized for different output voltages and currents

60 Hertz VA is approximately 120% of the 50 Hertz VA value

A*     Dimension does not include the E Dimensions


Standard Power Toroid Mechnical Drawing


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