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Switchmode Transformers

Sizing Factor CalculatorOur standard configuration switchmode transformers are available in six families, listed below.  Click on the product family that interests you to review a detailed specification sheet, or browse them all.  If you're not sure which product family is suitable to your application, use the transformer design calculator to estimate the sizing factor of the product you need.  If our standard products do not fit your requirements, contact us to review the wide range of custom sizes and shapes available.

Product Name  Model  Length  Width  Height  Sizing Factor 330Khz   
LLC Transformers
LLC Transformers
( 4 products )
LLC Style
43.1 to 55.1 mm (1.697 to 2.169 in)   36.7 to 54.9 mm (1.445 to 2.159 in)   24.4 to 40.32 mm (0.961 to 1.587 in)   N/A   View Details
EFD Power Switchmode Transformers
EFD Power Switchmode Transformers
( 8 products )
EFD Core Style
11.7 to 30.8 mm
(0.461 to 1.213 in)  
18.7 to 31.2 mm
(0.736 to 1.228 in)  
5.7 to 12.5 mm
(0.224 to 0.492)  
Up to 280   View Details
EP Power Switchmode Transformers
EP Power Switchmode Transformers
( 9 products )
EP Core Style
9.9 to 27.3 mm
(0.390 to 1.075 in)  
8.0 to 23.3 mm
(0315 to 0.917 in)  
10.8 to 20.6 mm
(0.425 to 0.811 in)  
Up to 310   View Details
RM Power Switchmode Transformers
RM Power Switchmode Transformers
( 7 products )
RM Core Style
12.6 to 46.0 mm
(0.496 to 1.811 in)  
16.5 to 49.9 mm
(0.650 to 1.965 in)  
11.3 to 31.0 mm
(0.445 to 1.220 in)  
Up to 1000   View Details
PQ Power Switchmode Transformers
PQ Power Switchmode Transformers
( 8 products )
PQ Core Style
23.2 to 40.1 mm
(0.913 to 1.579 in)  
23.4 to 42.1 mm
(0.921 to 1.657 in)  
21.1 to 45.1 mm
(0.831 to 1.776 in)  
Up to 1500   View Details
ETD Power Switchmode Transformers
ETD Power Switchmode Transformers
( 12 products )
ETD Core Style
35.3 to 66.9 mm
(1.390 to 2.634 in)  
24.1 to 66.4 mm
(0.949 to 2.614 in)  
28.1 to 59.5 mm
(1.106 to 2.343 in)  
Up to 6200   View Details
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Power Supply Transformer

Power supply transformer designs are used extensively in high frequency electronic applications, usually within a switchmode power supply.  Common transformer configurations include Flyback Transformers Design, High Frequency Transformers Design and Push-Pull Transformers Design.  Precision Inc., a specialist in custom and standard magnetic design and manufacture, has been involved in developing Switchmode Transformers and other magnetic components for its' customers since 1964.  During that time, Precision Inc. has customized many designs, specifically to our customer’s specific need.

Precision Inc. has also developed "standard" switchmode transformers, Flyback Transformers, Isolation Transformers and High Frequency Transformers using industry standard materials and footprints.  These "standard" switchmode transformers are designed around a sizing factor.  The sizing factor is a formula based upon the applications output power, topology (push-pull, bridge, full wave center tapped, forward, and flyback), and frequency.  Using the estimated sizing factor an engineer can easily find which of the standard Precision Inc. families of Switchmode Transformers will work for his application.

Precision Inc. understands that each customer’s SMPS Transformer Design requirement is unique.  Our staff of design engineers works with our customers engineers to develop the best product for the application.  Precision Inc. does not try to use a one size fits all mentality, and has developed new cores and mounting technologies for many of its customers.

Many IC reference designs use Precision Switchmode Transformers as well as Common Mode Chokes, Current Transformers, Power Factor Correction (PFC) Inductors and Power Inductors.

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