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Reference Designs

The Precision Factor

 Precision, Inc. has partnered with various Power IC manufactures to create tools and application notes that help the designers to get to market considerably faster. Precision offers components such as our PFC Inductor Series, Common Mode Choke Series, SMPS Transformers and our Current Transformer Series of parts in many configurations to meet customers’ requirements.

Analog DevicesAnalog Devices, Inc. engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing integrated circuits used in industrial, communication, computer, and consumer applications. Its products are used in a range of electronic equipment, including industrial process controls, factory automation systems, instrumentation products, energy management systems, defense electronics, automobiles, medical imaging equipment, portable wireless communication devices, cellular base stations, central office networking equipment, computers, digital cameras, and digital televisions.

International Rectifier CorporationInternational Rectifier Corporation is a manufacturer of power semiconductors (Integrated Circuits, MOSFET, and IGBT's). IRC is a global leader in power management technology with products found in very diverse devices such as calculators and airplanes. IRC recommends components such as Precision PFC Inductors for use in their Reference Design Kits as IC reference design table below. The Precision PFC Inductors product line is complemented by PL Product, which is a software program facilitating design engineers to select PFC Inductors meeting their application needs. 

On SemiconductorOn Semiconductor Corporation offers power, analog, digital signal processing, mixed signal, advanced logic, data management semiconductors, memory and standard semiconductor components, and integrated circuits. Its product lines include automotive and power group, standard products, computing and consumer products, and digital and mixed-signal product group. The automotive and power group includes a portfolio of various product categories that consist of automotive-grade low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulators, automotive-grade drivers, automotive-grade ignition IGBTs and MOSFETs, and power MOSFETs, as well as LDOs and voltage regulators for computing, portable, and automotive applications.

Power IntegrationsPower Integrations is a Precision partner and a market leader in high-voltage analog integrated circuits for power conversion. Power Integrations recommends Precision's products for use in conjunction with their LinkSwitch products, TinySwitch products, TOPSwitch products and HiperPLC products as you can see in the IC reference design table below.

Sanken DesignsSanken designs and manufactures leading edge power semiconductors. Sanken's innovative technologies enable the creation of efficient low cost power supplies and power conversion systems. In designing new evaluation boards and reference designs, Sanken partners with Precision to engineer the optimal system level performance. SPolar Semiconductor, Inc.anken's new power factor correction “PFC” reference design listed below is an excellent example of this collaboration. Polar Semiconductor (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanken) drives new product creation with an advanced IC design center, applications engineering and new fabrication process developments.

STMicroelectronicsSTMicroelectronics designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a range of semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) and discrete devices. Its products include discrete and standard commodity components, microcontrollers, electrically erasable programmable read-only memory products, Smartcard products, application-specific integrated circuits, custom devices and semi-custom devices, and application-specific standard products for analog, digital, and mixed-signal applications. The company also offers subsystems and modules for the telecommunications, automotive, and industrial markets, including mobile phone accessories, battery chargers, ISDN power supplies, and in-vehicle equipment for electronic toll payment. Its products are used in various microelectronic applications, including automotive products, computer peripherals, telecommunications systems, consumer products, industrial automation, and control systems.

TransphormTransphorm, founded in 2007, an innovative company making high voltage GaN real, is a leader in the business of developing and supplying Gallium Nitride (GaN) solutions for the electrical energy conversion industry. Transphorm is a fast growing company and has become an internationally recognized leader in HV GaN solutions. Transphorm dedicates itself to enabling highly efficient and compact power conversion using GaN.

IC Reference Designs:

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