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Ultra Fine Wire Winding

The Precision Factor


Experts in patented innovation in 58 Gauge, fine  (.0004 diameter) wire and coil winding. 
Precious metal wire winding – Gold, Silver and Platinum.  
Flex circuit and assemblies value add
Ultra small diameter rod core winding technology to .XXX1

Medical Customer Products 
Implantable Devices
Hearing Aide
Surgical Navigation
Neurological Implants
Dialysis Equipment

Medical Value Add
ISO 13485 - 2008
ISO 9001 - 2003
NASA Soldering
Clean Room Class 100,000
CCD Camera equipped microscopes – inspection, training
and dimensional conformity verification


Aerospace customer products
Aircraft Instrumentations
Guidance and Navigation Controls
Satellite Power Supplies
Secure Communications Equipment
Mission Control Systems
Temperature/Altitude Extremes 

Aerospace Value Add
DDTC Registration for ITAR Projects
MIL-STD-981 Space Grade
COTS Military Magnetic Components Initiative
NASA Soldering

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