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PRECISELY the right capability

Ultra Fine WindingPrecision has extensive expertise ultra fine wire winding for precious (gold, silver and platinum) as well as more traditional metals.

Ultra Fine Winding

  • Patented technology and industry-leading expertise sets Precision apart in the field of ultra fine wire winding.
  • When winding wire as small as 58 gauge (.0004mm diameter or 1/10 the size of a human hair!) it is essential to have expertise not only in ultra fine wire winding but also in ultra fine wire processing, soldering (to pads or wire), handling and integration into higher level assemblies.
  • Precision´s unmatched expertise in this area is supported by custom, proprietary ultra fine wire tensioners and winders.

Ultra Small Diameter Rod Core Winding

  • Precision also offers ultra small diameter rod core winding technology for diameters as small as 0.125mm.

Microscope Assembly

  • Precision´s advanced CCD Camera equipped microscopes provide top quality inspection, training and dimensional conformity verification. Assembly work can be done at 40x-50x magnification.

Manufacturing Capability

Precision´s broad range of expertise allows us to create PRECISELY the right magnetic component for each of our customer´s unique needs.

Precison's Medical CleanroomAs an engineering-driven company, Precision also has a broad range of custom technology expertise and can design any of the elements below in a custom format designed for your unique performance requirements:

  • Antenna Coil
  • Ferroresonant
  • Encapsulation
  • Hermetically Sealed Metal Closures
  • Terminations
  • NEMA Enclosures
  • Mounting & Air Ducts

Precision´s manufacturing facilities offer a wide range of technical capabilities including: 

  • Ultra-Fine Wire Winding (As small as 58 gauge!)
  • Multi-Access Winding
  • Heavy Foil Winding
  • Bobbin Winding
  • Tube Winding
  • Self Supporting / Air Coil Winding
  • Toroid Winding
  • Universal Winding
  • Motor/ Alternator Winding
  • Capability to create specialty winding components from ¼ gram – 500 pounds

Global Production CapabilitiesPrecision Global Production

Precision´s global reach is a key capability for many of our customers. Whether your production needs are domestic or offshore – we have PRECISELY the right production facilities for your application.


  • In the US, Precision has state-of-the art production facilities that are flexible, configurable and highly-scalable. Clean room capacity has been doubled twice in the past three years.


  • Precision also has offshore production facilities led by board based engineering, equipped with state-of-the art technology and in compliance with key local and international quality standards.


  • For interested customers, Precision has the ability to complete product design and prototyping in the United States and then seamlessly transfer production offshore to a location that may be closer to the customer´s supply chain or client base.

Clean Room Facilities

  • Precision’s clean room facilities are flexible and expandable. They can be configured to meet the specific needs of each unique project with maximum efficiency.
  • Precision Medical Cleanroom The clean room facility is ISO: 14644 compliant, Class 100,000 (ISO8). It can be divided into two sections each performing at different classification levels (for example one area at 100,000 and the second at 1,000).
  • Precision has invested in significant equipment redundancy to ensure capacity and quick turnaround for customers.
  • Clean room technologies are the very same as those used in production ensuring top quality prototyping.
  • Precision’s advanced CCD Camera equipped microscopes provide top quality inspection, training and dimensional conformity verification. Assembly work can be done at 40x-50x magnification.
  • Clean room facilities are ISO: 14644 compliant.

Manufacturing Facilities

Precision Medical Clean roomWhether you are looking for domestic or overseas production, automated or manual assembly, simple design execution or advanced process, equipment and technology customization, we have PRECISELY the right manufacturing facilities for your unique application needs.

Optimized Products & Production

  • Precision’s manufacturing facilities in Minnesota and Colorado were designed top-to-bottom by engineers.
  • Engineering-driven design allows Precision to provide optimized products and production processes.
  • The engineering and manufacturing team’s in-depth knowledge and inventiveness allows them to come up with creative technology designs.
  • A highly collaborative production process with engineering and manufacturing ensures seamless execution and fully documented processes.
  • Top-of-the–line ERP software facilitates project management utilizing and optimizing project scheduling, purchasing, tracing, and document control.Precision Medical Clean room
  • Precision’s optimized production process capabilities come into play long before a product hits the assembly line. Our unique, in-depth expertise in the entire production process- from material selection to completed component integration- allows Precision to design for both supply chain and manufacturability
  • Where needed, Precision’s advanced engineering team can also create custom equipment tailored to project requirements.

Secure Processes

  • Many of the world’s leading brands in sensitive industries trust Precision for quality magnetic components. To protect this trust, Precision makes security a top priority.
  • Precision is ITAR registered.

Green Commitment

  • Precision is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and protecting our shared environment.
  • We have extensive recycling programs for cardboard, copper and steel.
  • Precision’s production facilities have been designed to be energy efficient from top to bottom. We installed motion-sensing LED lighting as well as energy efficient cooling, heating and ventilation systems.

The Precision Process

The Precision Process
  • For almost 50 years, Precision has used and established a product development and manufacturing process that maximizes flexibility while ensuring that key elements (like quality assurance and logistics management) are always priorities.

Medical Applications

  •  Precision´s disciplined product development process is standard protocol for our medical device applications.
  • We utilize project management techniques and discuss all facets of the project with our customer – including concepts, design detail, methods, and international safety standards – to ensure an optimized outcome.

Customer Partnership

  • The customer is an integral part of the Precision Process. We believe in proactive customer contact every step of the way. Optimizing performance and addressing potential snags at each step before proceeding eliminates problems downstream and enhances efficiency.

Put Us To The Test

  • The Precision Process is designed to solve any challenge you can throw at us. Put us to the test! Call and let us show you how we can create PRECISELY the right magnetic component for your unique performance requirements.
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