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Power Factor Correction Design Tool - PL Product

Power Factor Correction Calculator
Precision, Inc., has developed the PL Product power factor correction tool to characterize PFC inductors over a range of output power. Based on desired circuit operating parameters, design engineers can calculate the PL product required for their application and correlate it to the PL curves of various PFC inductors. This simplifies the design process by making inductor selection easier while also allowing circuit and PFC inductor characteristics to be realized under various operating conditions.

Use the PL Product calculator to assist in choosing the correct power factor inductor design for your circuit.

  • Input the parameters from your circuitry
  • Click "Update" to find the closest standard Precision, Inc., PFC inductor for your circuit
  • For design considerations and reference, see our checklist
  • If the inductor listed does not match your needs, contact us for a custom PFC inductor
What is Power Factor Correction?

Power factor correction (PFC) is of increasing concern in the electronics industry. Power factor is the ratio of the real power flowing to the load to the apparent power in the circuit. Power factor can vary from -1 to 1, and can be either inductive (lagging power factor, pointing up) or capacitive (leading, pointing down).

In order to reduce a capacitive (or leading) power factor, an inductor is added to make the power factor equal one. The purpose of making the power factor equal to one is to make the circuit appear purely resistive (apparent power equal to real power).

Contact Precision, Inc., today for more information or for assistance in selecting the right PFC inductor for your needs.

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