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International Rectifier PFC

The inductor behind the International Rectifier PFC inductor demo board

The inductor behind the International Rectifier PFC inductor demo board

Delivered by Precision Incorporated for the International Rectifier IR1150 PFC–300 watt demo board, the IR requirements for this inductor included: Very low core loss, low temperature rise, excellent inductance stability over the current range, no audible noise under high ripple current conditions and the required inductance be achieved at high bias, with a single layer winding.

The results of this High Performance Inductor (Precision Part # 019-4120-00) included 100 kHz switching frequency / 300 watt output, a 6.2A peak current, 3.8A maximum RMS current, and a high performance core with low losses and low self resonant frequency (SRF). The device is also designed to be small, quiet and provide the best possible operation in the IR application.

Precision produces many PFC inductor designs with applications up to 4,000 watts and beyond. As in the IR designed, high performance, PFC inductor, Precision continues to deliver many performance/cost alternatives. These inductors are part of a product family that encompasses a wide variety of different devices, including toroid and e-core, over a range of power levels. Other design options to the IR-1150 Inductor include an additional bias winding to supply power for the PFC control circuitry.

Review the Precision - PFC inductor, as used on the International Rectifier - IRAC 1150 PFC Demo Board, reference design. Find out more about the PFC inductors, including optional windings and cost/performance alternatives at:, from the home page click on Applications & PR, or, call Lyle Shaw at Precision, Inc. 763 852-6714.