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Inductors Through-Hole 0-50 Amps

Our standard high current through hole mounting power inductors are available in two families, listed below. Click on the product family that interests you to review a detailed PDF spec sheet, or browse them all. If our standard products don’t fit your requirements, contact us to review the wide range of custom sizes and shapes available.

Inductors are used in a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to:

  • High frequency switching power supplies where the power inductors are used to minimize the common ripple voltage and current.
  • Analog circuits and signal processing.
  • In conjunction with capacitors and other components to form tuned circuits which can emphasize or filter out specific signal frequencies.
  • Filters for reducing stray harmonics

Precision Inc. also supplies switchmode transformers, power pulse transformers, common mode chokes, and PFC inductors.